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Big Katt Clubs

Best friends at Big Katt Club

There are Big Katt Clubs at our Darlington, Hartburn and Marton nurseries and a stand-alone club
at Newcomen Primary School in Redcar.

Our Big Katt Clubs look after children aged 4 to 14 and provide:

  • Breakfast Club (including school drop off) - 7.30-8.30am (Hartburn 7.00-8.30am)

  • After-School Club (including school pick up) - from 3-6pm

  • School drop-off/collection - we provide this service to all schools within a 3-mile radius of the clubs. Our staff have the relevant car insurance and training to carry out this service

  • Holiday Club - from 7.30am-6pm during the school holidays. We plan lots of different activities and trips including swimming, horse riding, trips to the beach, the cinema and museums.

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